10 PPC Trends for 2022

As the PPC world and market conditions are constantly changing, it’s important to stay on top of trends for the upcoming year. Google Ads is rapidly changing with emphasis on AI and machine learning. To help your ads succeed, The Fortune Web PPC team is here with a list of ten PPC trends to utilize for 2022!

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1. Automation

Automation is a massive trend for 2022. Artificial intelligence and machine learning assist with the labor-intensive duties associated with search ads. Automation will greatly assist with tedious tasks such as ad testing by:

  • Identifying and prioritizing ads with better statistical significance.
  • Identifying ads with poor performance and suggesting changes.
  • Finding the appropriate Call-To-Actions.

Automation will also be utilized to optimize PPC campaigns by:

  • Finding the best bidding strategy for various account goals.
  • Improving CPC by finding ad auctions that’ll generate more conversions
  • Producing ad performance reports consequently
  • Recognizing account performance issues
  • Automatic generation of ads based on consumer behaviour and webpage content

ad messaging

2. Perfecting Ad Messages

Ad messages are essential to an ad’s success. When composing targeted ad copy, it is important to perceive your audience as people instead of data. Implementing creative headlines in targeted ad messages can increase brand engagement and increase chances of reaching the target audience successfully.

Covering best practices and ensuring that keywords and search terms are included in ad copy is essential to success. The searcher should see continuity between their search term, your ad copy and your landing page. This also bodes well for Google’s ad rank and quality score metrics, which can result in cheaper cost per click and higher performance.

Mobile Friendly

3. Mobile Friendly Presence

Over 70% of paid search impressions take place on a mobile device. Most people use the internet on their mobile devices so it’s important to make sure 2022 PPC campaigns are optimized for mobile platforms. Mobile optimization includes ensuring that no zooming is needed for usability, ensuring address and contact information is clear, creating mobile-friendly links, and more.

To test your pages mobile usability and performance, we recommend the following online tools:

Audience Targeting

4. Audience Targeting

Although audience targeting has existed on Google Ads for some time, Google’s new display settings continue to emphasize the importance of it. Targeted audiences will narrow the reach of your ad and help take advantage of the accounts budget. This feature also allows you to exclude audiences that you are looking to avoid. Audiences can now be optimized by:

  • Their interests and habits (luxury shoppers).
  • What they’re actively researching (a new car).
  • People who’ve already interacted with your ads, website, or app and may return (people who have visited your site or a competitor’s site, added an item to their cart, etc.)

Audiences can be observed or targeted. Observed audiences simply provide data on how each audience interacts with your ads. Targeted audiences are more restrictive, and adjust your campaign settings to only show ads to those in a certain audience. Being strategic in balancing these two options is important to create impactful targeting.

Video Ads

5. Video Ads

Video ads are an affordable way to engage with your audience. YouTube ads are visible on search engine results pages and display networks, but primarily on YouTube itself. The most effective video ads average at twenty seconds but can run from five seconds to a minute long. Below you’ll find the five types of YouTube Ads and their specifications:

“About Video Ad Formats” , Google Ads Help

Smart Shopping

6. Smart Shopping

Smart shopping campaigns allow you to save time with a very easy set up process. Google has utilized machine learning to display your ads across multiple networks such as Google Search, Google Display, YouTube, and Gmail. These ads also include dynamic products and display retargeting which result in a greater audience reach. Google Ads relays the following benefits:

  • Effortless optimization: Smart Shopping campaigns combine your existing product feed and assets into ads across a variety of networks. Google’s powerful systems test them and show the ones that perform best.
  • Automatic bidding: Google automates ad placement and bidding for each ad in your Smart Shopping campaigns, bidding for maximum conversion value at your given budget.
  • Easy integration: Create and manage Smart Shopping Campaigns through an integrated third-party platform (for example, Shopify or WooCommerce) for seamless marketing and tracking.
  • It is important that your account has some data before launching a smart shopping campaign, so it may be best to start with standard shopping if your account is new.

Voice Search

7. Voice Search

Voice searches on mobile phones, smart-home devices, and televisions are rapidly growing. Researchers expect that over fifty percent of searches will be voice operated in 2022. As technology grows we should begin to prepare strategies to optimize ads for voice search!

When optimizing voice search ads, conversational keywords are a must! Phrases like “How do”, “What do I” , and “What’s the best” are great to include. Mobile optimization is a must since most voice searches will take place from a cell phone, tablet, etc. Lastly, SEO optimization is very important for your ads to appear in voice searches. This includes integrating relevant keywords into your site and making sure your landing page loads efficiently.

Social Presence

8. Social Presence

Over 80% of the United States population has social media accounts and there are over four billion users worldwide. Most users check their social media at least one time a day. Platforms such as Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and Linkedin are continuously creating more spaces for running advertisements. Tiktok is also trending as a creative platform for video ads, this platform also was one of the most popular domains visited in 2021.

Social media presence can help PPC performance by raising brand awareness. If users are more familiar with your brand, they are more likely to visit your website. Social media can also help you test new ideas and approaches by gauging your audience’s engagement with your new content. By strengthening your social presence, you’ll also master your audience’s preferences.

Remarketing Campaigns

9. Remarketing Campaigns

Remarketing campaigns are excellent for driving a high ROI and play a huge role in the user’s buying cycle. These campaigns allow you to target your site’s past visitors and to keep your brand relevant to them. Below are tips for creating successful remarketing campaigns:

  • Including a special offer for past visitors in your ads can get the users attention and help generate conversions.
  • Constant performance monitoring is necessary in order to utilize spending and ensure the ads success.
  • Creating a strategy with a greater spend on past visitors with abandoned shopping carts to encourage conversions.

Smart Bidding

10. Smart Bidding

Smart bidding is an effective tool to take advantage of. This option automates tracking, budget allocation and campaign optimization through machine learning. This saves time on your marketer’s end and money by allowing the AI to decide which bids will lead to greater conversions.

That said, it is important to make sure you are choosing the correct smart bidding option for your campaign. Accounts with low conversion volume, such as a new Google Ads account, may want to start on a manual bidding or Maximize Clicks strategy before jumping into heavier automation. Once the account begins converting regularly, it may be a good idea to switch to Max Conversions, and then Target CPA or Target ROAS once things really get moving.

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We are excited to ring in the new year with the latest trends to strengthen your PPC accounts. In 2022, we will utilize a lot of AI and machine learning but this doesn’t mean we shouldnt stay on top of new developments and strategies. There are many exciting developments for PPC ahead and we hope that you found this helpful!

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