Marketing products and services is about more than making sales. It’s also showcasing the value of your business to potential customers. Win the relationship before the sale.

How SME’s can prep for Google Algorithm update
The tech-giant synonymous with search announced its Page Experience Update last November. The update was scheduled to roll out in May 2021, but the changes started rolling out mid-June, and they expect it to be in full effect by the end of August. Google also says that this new Page Experience signal will be a...
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2020 was a whirlwind, to put it mildly. Industries that we previously thought were indestructible crumbled while other outliers thrived (video conference companies, anyone?). It’s been 9 months since COVID-19 upended the marketing world as we know it. Now, with stability slowly returning and solid ground under our feet, we can begin planning for the...
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How The Pandemic Changed eCommerce
When the pandemic moved everyone indoors, it moved all of the customers indoors with it. While most physical businesses struggled to survive, many eCommerce markets saw unprecedented booms. As the first year of this pandemic comes to a close and the dust begins to settle, we can catch our breath and begin to review the...
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The One Digital Marketing Tool You Can’t Overlook
Video Marketing Is Essential If truly great marketing is about engaging and connecting people, then video might be the greatest marketing tool we have. Videos bring stories to life, effortlessly tapping into emotions and naturally building trust. As sensory marketing has become all but obsolete in the post-pandemic world, video remains one of the best...
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The Difference Between “Copy” & “Content” Marketing
What Is the Difference Between Copy & Content? When it comes to marketing, copy and content are related to each other, but they are not the same thing. They can be used simultaneously but not interchangeably. Confused yet? We know! Even in the marketing world people get mixed up by these two terms. The main...
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How To Replace Sensory Marketing In A Digital World
How To Replace Sensory Marketing On Digital Platforms Marketers and business elites embrace the power of digital marketing for good reason. It’s dynamic, with an endless reach and limitless audience. Until recently, most would have also agreed that there is still a need for in-person sensory marketing. Then COVID-19 arrived on our shores, and overnight,...
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