The Difference Between “Copy” & “Content” Marketing

The Difference Between “Copy” & “Content” Marketing

What Is the Difference Between Copy & Content?

When it comes to marketing, copy and content are related to each other, but they are not the same thing. They can be used simultaneously but not interchangeably.

Confused yet? We know! Even in the marketing world people get mixed up by these two terms.

The main difference between the two is:

Copy is a specific form of content that is focused on selling a product, service or idea. Content is any form of writing, design or video that is used to inform the reader.

Meaning, copy is content, but content is not copy. Or, in other words:

Copy convinces. Content informs.

Let’s dive in a little further.

Copy vs. Content

Copy and content get confused even in the marketing world. While both can be used simultaneously, there are some key differences between them.

difference between copy and content venn diagram


Where to Use Copy on A Website

Both copy and content will be used throughout a well-designed website and often show up on the same page. For example, a homepage might have content that introduces the business paired with copy writing that sways you to join the email list.

While they can be used together there are areas of your website that you’re more likely to use copy over general content. Traditionally, copy is used for:

  • Sales pages
  • Landing pages
  • Call to action buttons
  • Email funnels

When to Use Content

Content creation is flexible and comes in many formats. Graphics, imagery and blog posts can all be considered content. It’s the golden ticket of the marketing world, the one tool that would make it nearly impossible to do anything else.

Content can show up:

  • On printed fliers
  • Anywhere on a website
  • In email campaigns
  • As commercials or video advertisements
  • As social media posts

Content is everywhere and comes in a variety of formats. It is the backbone of every marketing campaign used by businesses.

Copy and content are both important components of a well-structured marketing strategy. They are simple concepts but can be extremely difficult to execute properly. A well written sales page with fine-tuned copy can be the difference between a standard product launch and one that vastly increases your business income.

Still confused? We’re always happy to connect and talk marketing with you.

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