Increase Your Visibility: 5 Ways to Tackle Search Engine Optimization

Improving Your Website’s Visibility Online

The key to having a successful online presence is making sure the right people can find your website. Through the process of search engine optimization (SEO), you can optimize your content to improve your website’s ranking. This increases the chances of it being found in search engines like Google.

By implementing organic adjustments to your content, it will be much easier for you to attract relevant customers. Let’s discuss some of the adjustments you can make to improve the visibility of your website.

Use Relevant, Targeted Keywords

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Keywords are the backbone of search engine optimization. When people search online, they type in specific words and phrases so they can find exactly what they need. By incorporating popular and relevant keywords into your content, you can attract the right people to your website.

Make a list of everything your business offers, and research popular keywords and phrases associated with them. From there, review the content you have already written, and see where you can use these keywords naturally. Be sure to incorporate keywords into your title tags as well. You can incorporate them into meta descriptions too, but this is not necessary. The focus with meta descriptions should be creating snappy, attractive descriptions for your pages.

While keywords can help you improve visibility, it is not wise to stuff your content with them. Using too many specific keywords can make your content robotic and stiff.

Optimize for Mobile Devices

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The importance of mobile SEO cannot be understated. Search algorithms are giving more attention to mobile-based websites, since people are using mobile devices to shop online. Thus, designing your website for both desktop and mobile is essential if you want your website to perform well. The issue is that not all websites run as well on phones as they do on computers.

The best course of action is to design your website around the use of a single finger. Simplify your website’s navigation by making sure buttons are easy to find and click. Responsive design is often used for mobile SEO, since it allows a website to reconfigure its display settings to suit a device’s screen size.

Take the time to decrease the size of certain images as well. Larger images create longer load times that often deter mobile users.

Use Image SEO

Strong visuals are important for any website, so you should be optimizing your images for search engine visibility too. When selecting an image for a website, make sure you choose a file type that loads quickly and displays the image in good quality. JPEGs are often recommended for modern websites. Your filenames should relate to the images being displayed, so try to avoid generic titles like “IMG_06021.”

To further optimize your images, add alternative text to each of them. This text offers a description of what is being shown in the image you want to display. Search engines cannot read images directly, so this text is necessary to show users what is being shown. Add in keywords associated with a given page to give the alternative text a boost.

Get Backlinks to Your Website

One of the best ways to improve your search engine rank is to get backlinks, which are links to your website hosted on other sites. Search engine algorithms highlight websites with informative and helpful content. Backlinks show the algorithms that your content is resonating with a lot of people, which will improve your website’s rank.

Writing strong, informative content can entice partners to link out to your website. Thus, you should always give it your all when you write blog posts and other content for your website. You can also reach out to popular influencers that discuss content relevant to your business. Talk with them, and see if any are interested in linking to your content.

Be careful with who you partner with though. Having too many backlinks can harm your rank, since the algorithms may identify your content as spam.

Link to Social Media Platforms, & Stay Active on Them

The uses of SEO are not limited to your website; SEO can also help you extend the reach of your social media channels. If you have not done so already, make sure all your social media pages are verified. Verification helps to weed out impersonators, giving your social media pages more credibility. Make sure each of these pages link to your website so your website can take advantage of the improved visibility.

To keep a high search engine rank for your social media pages, you need to stay active. Maintain a consistent upload schedule so the algorithm knows your page is alive and well.

Also, try to determine when most users view your content. This will make it easier to figure out when you should upload posts. When users interact with your posts, respond to them to show that you are listening to feedback.

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