The Top 5 Website Design Trends Of 2020 For Engaging Digital Marketing

The Top 5 Website Design Trends Of 2020

As 2020 heralds in a new decade, with it comes a host of new website design trends. The design of your website alone can increase engagement, create leads and turn those leads into new customers and clients. The idea is to keep a message simple while giving your site a human appeal and memorable elements. New technology is making all of this possible and digital marketing designers are ready to make your website rock! 

These are the top 5 engaging website design trends of 2020… 

1. Color: Bold & Simple

BCS website using bold colors nad simple white text

Whitespace doesn’t’ have to be white. Bold color with simple text makes an impressive impact using minimalism. Get your message to consumers visually and in half the time. 

See the Big Cat Solutions website made by FWM as an example! 

2. Hand Drawings: Human & Fun!

colorful, hand-drawn swirls

The human element is what seals a deal. Hand drawings are a creative graphic that give a website an endearing touch. They can be personalized and fun or simple and informative. Either way, your customers will enjoy this fun user experience. 

3. Microanimations: Subtle & 

SEO data

Microanimations can be used to direct users to different points of your site. They can be arrows implying the need to scroll down or “click here.” They also can be used as fun background graphics, like little clouds scrolling past. Using microanimation for this purpose brings a subtle and human aesthetic to your website. 

4. 3D Modeling: Futuristic & Complete Visualization

blue and purple 3D rendering of various shapes

A computer or mobile screen is a flat surface, but the experience of your website doesn’t have to be. Clicking through multiple images to see a picture from all sides is a thing of the past. Animated 3D graphic modeling gives a futuristic experience and allows customers to fully conceptualize a product or an idea. 

5. Video: Homepage Graphics On The Next Level

video background of the Office Basics website

See the Office Basics website made by FWM as an example! 

You’ve seen rotating banners and animations. It’s time to take things a step further by making your header or background video! This adds the same appeal as animation to customers, but offers an infinite amount of possibilities to showcase a business’ products and services creatively. 

The Fortune Web Marketing team understands these trends shaping the web and so much more. From content marketing to social media, we cover it all, keeping a pulse on all the latest Google algorithms to shake things up with SEO. Meanwhile, our designers are the creative backbone that makes your website unique and show stopping.  

Are you ready to rock the web?  

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