Website Design Trends for 2018

Effective Web Design Trends for 2018

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If you run your own website, you might want to think about ways you can update its design. Trends in web design are always changing, which means some design choices from a couple of years ago may not be a great option today. Take a few minutes and read about some of the web design trends that are expected to make a big impact in 2018.

Prioritize Mobile-Friendly Design

Mobile-friendly design has been a key trend for web design for a couple of years now, and in 2018 that trend is going to become even more important. This year, web designers will focus on creating new ways to improve mobile design so websites will be more responsive and visually interesting on mobile devices.

Mobile websites should accommodate for smaller screens, so changes need to be made to differentiate it from your desktop site. Try to simplify the navigation process so users can move through your website easily on mobile. Be careful with using too many animations on your mobile site, because not all of them will transfer well to phones and tablets, and they might cause the site to run poorly. Mobile is going to get even more popular, so mobile-friendly design is an absolute must for you website.

Custom Images, Videos & Animations

In recent years, companies have been incorporating custom visuals into their websites to give them a unique vibe. Many websites use stock images because they are easier to get ahold of, but custom images can help a website stand out. If you use the right imagery you can improve your company’s reputation and make your brand look more consumer-friendly. In addition, videos can be used to demonstrate how products work, and they can also show potential clients the services a particular company provides.

In a similar vein to videos, animations are expected to become more prominent throughout the year. Motion captures the interest of users, and animations can be used to keep people engaged as they use your website. As an example, animated graphics can be activated as users scroll through pages, which helps to make the website more dynamic. Try not to go overboard with animations, however, because this can overwhelm users and cause the website to run poorly.

Bold Typography & Variable Fonts

Some of the popular trends for 2018 involve changes with how text is handled on web pages, larger typography is a trend we’re seeing evolve. Using large text on your homepage creates contrast with the smaller text on rest of the page, and this creates interesting visuals. In certain situations, large text can be used in conjunction with photos to create plenty of different images. Thanks to improvements in screen resolution on modern devices, web designers have the chance to play around with more custom fonts as well.

On top of this, the use of variable fonts is also expected to make a big impact in 2018. If you are not aware, variable fonts are font files that behave like multiple fonts, giving them an unprecedented amount of flexibility. Basically, variable fonts allow web designers to easily adjust character width for different screen sizes without the need to change the size of the text files.

Particle Backgrounds

Another trend that is being discussed for 2018 is the implementation of particle backgrounds for websites, mainly because of its involvement in web performance. Web performance describes the speed it takes for a site to load up on a web browser. If a site takes too long to load up completely there is a good chance that users will get impatient and click off. Particle backgrounds help websites load faster while providing them with simple, yet effective visuals.

The animations used in particle backgrounds do not require a lot of processing power to run, and simply run as a natural part of the website’s background. As a result, they help reduce load times for websites, so if you use these backgrounds you can expect your site to
run much faster. Despite their simple appearance these animations are very pleasing to the eye, and can give your website a unique look.

Broken Grid Layouts

When it comes to web design, most designers opt to use traditional grid-based layouts so their designs look orderly and professional. In recent years, however, many designers have tried to use more experimental designs in an attempt to make their websites stand out from the competition. One of these designs is the broken grid layout, which involves breaking out of the standard grid layout to create odd, but eye-catching visuals.

This can involve sliding pictures or words around so their placements appear to be off. Sometimes a website that has an odd look to it can be endearing to certain kinds of people. Experimenting with different kinds of design layouts can be risky, but when executed properly certain companies, especially online retailers, can use these designs to make their websites unique.

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